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Shy Adelaide
ShY AdElAiDe 2009 MEETUP 
16th-Apr-2009 11:48 am

OK so we have established we are all shy individuals hence joining this group. I was thinking we haven't done anything for ages, we use to have meet ups.

So i was thinking of fun ideas we could get together for to do. I asked Andrew and he agreed we should have a karaoke night. As it would be cool/social, it would help us overcome our shyness and start to interact verbally. We cant always go to movies and avoid the whole dilemma of not having to be shy. People who do not want to sing can still come, laugh/drink whatever takes your fancy. It would be good for our nerves - being able to let go, could even be funny. I know some might not want to cos they are really shy but it may make you feel more at ease if you come along and watch others embarrass themselves or attempt to overcome your lack of social ability. You can always bring a someone too but dont hide behind them thanks.


...........VENUE: La Sing - 261 gouger st

...........AT: 7PM

...........DATE: Friday night, 8th of MAY.

...........COST: Free but alcohol wont be.

...........WHERE: Meet out front of the venue

17th-Apr-2009 01:18 pm (UTC)
I want to goooo, but I'm not much of a karaoke fan. I dunno, I might come along anyway, not sure..
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